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Mermaids, Waffles and Foxhouses - Bloodlust: The Journal of Flickums
Mermaids, Waffles and Foxhouses
So, after a fairly crappy week I had a lovely visit from luckykaa on Friday for the weekend.

Friday night I cooked up honey glazed pork chops and showed off my prowess for making hat-sized Yorkshire puddings. Food seemed to be well appreciated (at least, it disappeared very quickly) and then we watched The Little Mermaid (Part 2 of our Cultural Exchange Programme).

Saturday we drove over to Rivelin reservoir (we were looking for Ladybower but got lost). It was a really nice day so we wandered around and enjoyed how peaceful it is there. Got back in the car and drove out to Ladybower. Had a drink/snack at the visitor centre and wandered down to the reservoir. Sat down and enjoyed the nice the view. Despite being September, the sky was quite clear so the water was a very pretty shade of blue. Went looking for more bits of Ladybower but got lost again, so we drove out towards The Fox House for a drink. Shared some pate on toast which was very tasty.

Drove back to Sheffield to visit blazingskies and greyfore for dinner. Honey and lemon chicken and Neil made waffles for dessert. All of which was delicious. We watched Logan's Run (Neil's contribution to Part 2 of the Cultural Exchange Programme), which despite being 70s-tastic was very enjoyable. Really want to read the book but cannot find a copy of it anywhere. Loads of sequels/spinoffs/comic book versions but the original novel remains elusive. May check out Sheffield Space Centre and see if they have a copy kicking around.

Sunday was much more relaxed. Watched Doctor Who in the morning (no space tarantulas this year - thank fuck!) then went for a wander around the Botanical Gardens. Saw lots of squirrels and had a nice cup of tea on the grounds. Drove back to The Fox House for a late lunch. Despite it being empty on Saturday afternoon, it was very VERY crowded on Sunday. Possibly due to the delicious carvery (which was very tasty).

Came back and sent Neil on his way home with an armful of PS1/PS2/PS3 games to keep him amused between visits.

So that was a really nice way to end a not-so-nice week :)

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